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Nares Bacterial Culture (includes MARCoNS & other pathogens):  $85.00

Biofilm Analysis:  $100.00 (for positive MARCoNS cultures)

Nares Fungal Culture:  $80.00


MARCoNS and Mold Culture with Identification:

Many patients suffering from unexplained symptoms from illnesses that cause them to lose their quality of life have found relief from the treatment of researcher Ritchie Shoemaker, M.D.  Dr. Shoemaker has found that these symptoms are often caused by “Mold Illness”, which may be a result of exposure to airborne mold present in the environment of water damaged buildings.

Mold illness is not an allergy.  It is believed to be an inflammation within the body caused by the immune system’s response to these foreign substances.  However, it is a vicious cycle causing the immune system to constantly fight back.  In turn, this causes increased inflammation in the body that leads to chronic illnesses, which insidiously takes away energy, cognition, easy breathing and leaves behind ailments of pain, fatigue, depression, and often, weight gain.

Microbiology DX performs Nares Cultures for gram positive bacteria such as MARCoNS as well as other gram positive bacteria and gram negative bacteria.  This includes identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing when warranted.  The same swab can be cultured for fungi including mold and yeast with identification.


Nares Bacterial Culture (includes MARCoNS & other pathogens):

We identify organisms and provide susceptibility profiles for treatment regimens. 




























Nares Fungal Culture:

We identify fungus including mold and yeast from the same swab submitted for bacterial culture.  We also include an interpretation and recommendations.
































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