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Microbiology Dx is pleased to announce the availability of biofilm testing on MARCoNS positive Nares cultures as well as other sites.  Biofilm is defined as a structural community of bacterial cells enclosed in a self-produced polymetric matrix adherent to an inert or living surface.  It can also be polymicrobial.  Biofilm producing organisms are far more resistant to antimicrobial agents than organisms that do not produce biofilm.  In some cases the concentration of antimicrobials required to achieve bactericidal activity could be three to four times higher than the concentration of a

non-biofilm producing organism.


Knowing whether or not a positive MARCoNS culture is biofilm positive could be beneficial to the clinician in successfully treating the patient. 


To order biofilm testing with your current requisition, please state:


“Perform Biofilm Testing on MARCoNS Positive Culture”


We are updating the requisitions to include the biofilm as a testing option.  The updated requisitions will be sent out in your next order of kits. 

The fee for biofilm testing is $100.00 US.  The turn-around time for a biofilm result is approximately one week. 

The testing availability will begin with specimens collected on June 1, 2016.


Specimens are kept for 5 days from the date received by Microbiology Dx.


If you have any questions regarding biofilm analysis, please contact me at or by calling the lab

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